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You've worked hard to create it. Now copyright it.

Turn Trademark Engine into your Copyright Engine and protect your book, trailer, cover design, and your story.

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Because it protects your work

To protect your work (a copyright term of art for your book, article, software program, website, or other creation) you should file it. To sue someone for infringement, you have to register the work. Registering soon after you create your work can preserve your right to statutory damages and attorneys' fees if you have to go to court.

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Copyrighting a book is necessary

Copyright Registration allows you, as a self published author, a higher level of security and confidence when it comes to protecting your work.

  • Get “exclusive” rights protecting your original “works of authorship.”

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  • a self publishing company, we understand the amount of work you've put into your book publishing project, and ensure that you retain all rights to the content of your book throughout the self publishing process.

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  • We place your name where it belongs, right next to the copyright symbol on the first page of your published book. As the copyright owner, you also own the foreign rights to your book.

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Register your copyright before publishing your book

Your book and all its characters, settings and stories are yours and if anyone infringes any part of it then you can assert your rights.

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How does protection work?

There are four exclusive rights that you, the author, possesses. These include:

  • The right to reproduce or make copies of your work
  • The right to distribute copies of your work
  • The right to create a derivative work*
  • The right to display or perform your work publicly
  • Copyright protection means that these rights remain yours and no-one else’s unless you choose otherwise (by selling them to a publisher, for instance).

Copyright Registration Make sure your work is protected

Registering your work will put the world on notice that this book is your intellectual property.

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