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We provide Professional Editing Services

Intensive Editing and Formatting Services Refine, Revise, Proofread and Edit your Manuscripts.

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Uncertain about what you’ve written, want to get a second opinion?

Our editors will read your manuscript in full, and give you detailed feedback on what the problems are and how to address them. The aim is to help you produce that final perfect draft. Our editors are hugely experienced, and have helped countless people through to publication. After your Approval we will promptly and effectively start the EDITING.

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Our editing assistance is fully powered by your
manuscript’s requirements.

No matter how skilled you may get, you are always prone to making mistakes.
Even the most prolific of writers need to get their work proofread and this is perhaps
why they stand where they do today.


Service comprises: The most detailed form of text-correction. Includes careful attention to sentence structures, clarity & rhythms.

Suitable for: Non-native speakers, and others with additional needs, such as dyslexia.

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Service comprises: Typos, spellings and punctuation errors, but extends into consistency, fact-checking & sentence clarity. Further details below.

Suitable for: Writers wanting a polish prior to agent submission.

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Service comprises: The lightest form of text-correction. Deals largely with typos, spellings and punctuation errors.

Suitable for: if text is already very clean.

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Why Choose Our Editors?

Our scrupulous editors provide the exceptional book editing services, adhere to proper grammar rules and formatting outlines while performing their expert book editing services. They work diligently in order to revise and refine your manuscript thereby preparing it for quick publication. The fact that among our clients exist some of the New York Times bestsellers is an enough proof that.

  • Correction of awkward constructions
  • Line-by-line editing of your manuscript to improve clarity, organization, and flow while maintaining your authorial voice, giving you a stronger, much improved manuscript tailored to your target audience
  • Corrections of spelling and grammar errors, typos, and inconsistencies
  • Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all of our changes, giving you complete creative control
  • Suggestions to improve the style, tone, point of view, word choice, and sentence structure of your manuscript
  • Extensive critical commentary, indicating where arguments need more support, where the storyline or flow could be improved, where there are unfinished or contradictory thoughts, and more
  • Identification of what's not working in your manuscript and any areas that can be improved
  • Personalized editor notes providing a summary of the work that has been done and highlighting next steps for your manuscript
  • Suggestions to make sentences crisper and tighter by fixing redundancy.
  • Review of key aspects of the manuscript—the narrative, vocabulary, structure, characterization, style, and development.
  • Changes and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability
  • Formatting of citations and references.
  • Comments to point out problems and suggestions about how to solve them
  • Editor's notes and overall comments.

The World Awaits Your Masterpiece!

Do you wish to see your published work ranked among the best sellers? Want to earn the stellar reputation of a published author? Dream of having a well-written book to your name?

  • Price
  • Typos
  • Spellings
  • US or UK
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Fact-checking
  • Consistency
  • Repetitions
  • Clarity
  • Style & flow
  • Cutting
  • Rewriting
  • Line-editing
  • From £30/1000 words
  • Some
  • Copy-editing
  • From £25/1000 words
  • Some
  • Proof-reading
  • From £20/1000 words
  • Some

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